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At PropertySage, we understand that finding the perfect home to rent can be both exciting and challenging.

Tenant FAQs

To view answers to the most frequently asked questions, kindly click on each question below.

To apply for one of our rental properties, please fill out our online application form available on our website. You’ll be asked to provide contact information, employment and income details, rental history, and personal references. We’ll then review your application and conduct background and credit checks as part of our screening process. 

The rental bond is typically equivalent to 4 weeks’ rent. The bond is held by Tenancy Services and serves as a security deposit to cover any damages or unpaid rent at the end of your tenancy. Your bond will be returned to you, less any deductions for damages or unpaid rent, after you vacate the property and complete a final inspection. 

The landlord is generally responsible for maintaining the property in a reasonable state of repair and ensuring it meets health and safety standards. As a tenant, you’re responsible for keeping the property clean and reporting any necessary repairs or maintenance issues to PropertySage as soon as possible. You’re also responsible for any damages caused by you, your family, or your guests. 

The pet policy varies depending on the individual property and the landlord’s preferences. Some rental properties may allow pets, while others may not. Please check the property listing for specific pet details, and be prepared to discuss your pet situation with us during the application process. 

As a tenant, you’re required to provide written notice to PropertySage at least 21 days before you intend to vacate the property. Once we receive your notice, we’ll provide you with information on the move-out process, your obligations during that period, and any relevant inspections. 

At PropertySage, we offer various methods for paying rent, such as direct debit or bank transfer. We’ll provide you with all the necessary details when your tenancy begins to ensure timely rent payments. It’s crucial to pay your rent on time, as per the rental agreement, to avoid any late fees or potential issues with your tenancy.

Generally, tenants need the landlord’s written permission before making any changes or alterations to the rental property. This includes painting walls, installing fixtures, or making other modifications. Please discuss your plans with PropertySage, and we will work with the landlord to determine if the changes are acceptable.

If you require maintenance or repair service, you can submit your request through our online portal or contact PropertySage directly by phone or email. We will assess the issue and, if necessary, schedule a repair or maintenance appointment with one of our trusted contractors. Before starting a job, we need the landlord’s permission.

We encourage tenants to try and resolve minor issues with neighbours amicably and respectfully. However, if the problem persists or escalates, please contact PropertySage, and we can help address the issue with the neighbour or involve the appropriate authorities if necessary.

Subletting or assigning your lease requires the landlord’s written consent. If you wish to sublet or assign your lease, please contact PropertySage to discuss your situation, and we will work with the landlord to come to a decision. Note that you may still be responsible for certain obligations under the lease agreement even after subletting or assigning the lease.